Tri-Vin Imports

National Wine Importer Turns Lost Sales Into New Opportunities

Challenge: At the start of 2020, Tri-Vin Imports once again had an opportunity to place their single serve wines into concession retail. Deals were nearly signed and sealed, and then COVID-19 hit, turning one of their biggest buyers into a staging ground for essential workers.

Solution: Our team repositioned Tri-Vin’s single serves as the ideal product for to-go orders with on premise retailers during 2020, as well as the best wines for camping, golf, yachts, and outdoor activities. Sales teams were retrained with new messaging, and new POS and POP was developed to support the product lines.

Results: Distributors were thrilled with the new positioning for the single serve products, and reported news of customers walking into retail, swiping entire shelves full of products into their cooler, then heading to checkout. Brands were able to conduct ‘mini wine tours’, taking guests virtually on ‘wine tours’ with different varietals from a diverse mix of global wine regions. Consumers commented how much they loved that they didn’t need to ‘open an entire bottle’, but could still enjoy a glass at the end of the day. Sales went up 50% for the quarter, with over 35% reported for year-over-year increase.