It's time for a new playbook. Are you ready?

Consumer behavior has been permanently altered.

Never before have so many people shopped, worked, and been entertained from their electronic devices.

In addition, there are more businesses/brands competing for the same eyes and ears, creating more noise than ever. That means that the usual way to reach your potential customers would benefit from an update as well.

Over the past decade and a half, our team has streamlined the role of agency of record for our clients. By providing proven national public relations and brand communications strategies, we have helped our clients reach billions of American consumers.

We don't just share press releases, we help our clients build credibility, and get them talked about in a time and way that beats the competition. 

If you’re a growth focused company that wants to scale fast, raise capital, get acquired, go public, or expand nationally, you’ve come to the right place.


Your time is now. Seize it.

Are you ready to increase brand equity, grow ROI, and build market share without spending millions of dollars on one-way advertising?

Emerging and challenger brands know that to reach more customers than their competitors, they need to stand out as different early and often, and make more noise than the other guy. Public relations used to be the solution-but the game has changed. Brands that push out boring press releases and wait for breaking news are getting left on the sidelines.

Media is changing at the speed of light, and you need a partner that's ahead of the curve. Using a methodology of software, data, and deep relationships, our brands reach over 20 million consumers each month. Using these methods, we can supercharge opportunities for top-tier press exposure more than any other traditional public relations agency.

In a time when distractions are at an all time high, both startup and mature brands are clamoring for attention, and every person with a social media account is now an ‘expert’, FK can help your brand cut through the noise, elevating your business as the best choice!


Save time and money while taking out the guess work with an experienced coach


Reach millions of potential fans with the right content strategy and target audience to increase ROI.


Your business is your baby, give it the best chance to grow up and succeed.

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Our Brand Experience


What clients and partners have said about us.

Nelson C Nieves Florida, USA

Cassandra and her team deeply understood not just how to position us as experts and create content that made us irresistible to editors like Forbes, but also what we needed to do with that coverage that would help our brand grow. If you’re looking for an agency to get you into top-tier media, then look no further. These are the experts.

~ Nelson C Nieves Founder Owner Bosscal® Mezcal

Gert-Jan Van Arkel Arradon, France

"FK has helped us these three past years to plan and deliver exceptional marketing campaigns. We highly recommend the quality of their work and look forward to working on the next campaign with them."

~  Gert-Jan van Arkel, Managing Director | Wine Forces | Tussock Jumper Wines

Robert Urban Florida, USA

"FK's team has a knack for forecasting 'what's next?' and aligning business strategy recommendations with that shift. They also have the ability to understand the target customer and create campaigns that will resonate incredibly within that market.

Whether it's a completely new technology, refining existing processes, or defining customer acquisition strategy for clients, FK's focus is always on the highest quality deliverable possible.

~ Robert Urban, CEO Paperboat

Warren Bobrow New Jersey, USA

"There are many people with whom I work with...but Cassandra and FK Interactive exude a certain trust through the words they choose and the products that they represent. If anyone reading this needs more information, or would like to verify their talent, just contact me. I'm a big fan!"

~ Warren Bobrow, CEO Klaus Apothicaire+Drink Klaus, LLC | Cannabis Alchemist | 6x Award Winning Author

Marvina Robinson Champagne, France

"Cassandra and her firm have been amazing to work with! As a small business owner she realized we did not fit in the standard mold and was unique with marketing strategy for B. Stuyvesant Champagne. Their team is very consistent in communication, and has been overly successful with guiding us to expansion."

Marvina Robinson, Founder of B. Stuyvesant Champagne, the first Black woman owned Champagne

David Weissman New York, USA

"Before working with FK, I did not trust other firm's expertise or ideas. In working with them, I found a marketing/PR firm that felt more like a full-service consultancy. They guided me not only on how to successfully present my brand image, but also how to plan the growth of my business. On the digital marketing front, their team really knew how to successfully communicate with both journalists and our social media audience. In terms of getting my brand in the hands of decision makers in the alcohol industry, they were able to do that from day one."

~ David Weissman, CEO+Founder of Soltado, the world's first infused añejo tequila

Chef Jamie McFadden Ohio, USA

"I've had the pleasure of working with FK Interactive over the last few years, and highly recommend this agency for anything public relations or communications related."

~ Executive Chef Jamie McFadden, Owner  Sandy Ridge Vineyards


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