Over the years, research has shown that the more often someone hears a positive message about a particular brand or business, the more likely they are to consider it as the ideal choice, if the need to purchase arises. Businessman and author Harold Burson once called public relations 'an applied social science that influences behavior and policy', stating that it 'motivates an individual or group to a specific course of action'.  Since choosing your brand, or remembering your business is what will eventually lead to a sale, this is the goal that most entrepreneurs have in mind.

The question is, how does a business or brand know what message will positively impact their bottom line? How do you choose the right media outlets to share your story with your ideal customers, and also fits your business needs? What message or news will appeal to them? How can you ensure your brand is truly irresistible to both the media and your customers?

The answer to those questions is two prong: first, in carefully curated branding, and followed by a strategically executed public relations and marketing communications program.  Here are a few reasons why successful brands prioritize PR Services within the foundation of their short and long term goals for brand growth.

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