Statistics show that the more often someone hears a positive message about a particular brand or business early and often during the buying cycle, the more likely they are to consider that brand to be the ideal choice for purchase. If this message is done in a way that the customer can relate to, even more of a connection is made, and competition is automatically eliminated from the process.

The question is, how does your business or brand know what message will positively impact your customers? How do you choose the right media outlets with those customers? And how will your business be so irresistible that editors will want to share your story?

The answer to those questions is two pronged. The first prong is a carefully crafted brand narrative. The second is our strategic content methodology that analyzes and engages with specific media to create highly targeted article inclusions.

Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good.

– Jean-Louis Gassée, APPLE

Frequently our brands are not just in the story, THEY ARE THE STORY.  Our proprietary content strategy and pitching process is why our PR agency reaches billions of consumers, while other sit on the sidelines, after the story has already broken! Here are a few reasons why successful brands prioritize public relations for their short and long term brand growth goals.

What Strategic PR Can Do For Your Business

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