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Is Brand Consulting or Business Coaching Right For You?

With over two decades of experience developing winning business growth strategies and training product founders, service-based business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and industries, our team has turned startup founders and new business owners into successful, sought-after brands.

If you’re an action taker, a movement maker, or an entrepreneur who’s ready to roll up your sleeves and learn from the best, these premier, first-of-its-kind business and personal branding programs are right for you.

Get ready to break through roadblocks, get clarity on your business, discover paths to time freedom and profit opportunities, and go from best-kept-secret to household name!

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Choose The Program That Best Fits Your Needs

Half-Day Personal Brand Intensive

Can you see yourself? You’re finally:

•  Easily getting into top-tier media

•  Perfectly pivoting into a new role

•  Attracting better clients & customers

•  Finally landing your dream job or career

Whether you want to guest on podcasts, start a media channel, attract better clients, or be seen as a sought-after expert, this half-day VIP program is designed to give you all the tools you need to easily become known as a leader in your industry and category.

This Program Will Help You

• Get clarity on your personal brand leadership strategy

• Create a brand message that attracts better customers and clients

• Create or refine your podcast guest topics to maximize interest and impact

• Gain insights on what top podcasts and major media outlets want in guest experts

• Learn how to land expert interviews to expand your reach and thought leadership visibility

Together we’ll create an action plan that you and your team can start implementing right away!

This program is only available to three individuals a month, and applications must be approved in advance. Individuals and business owners can apply here.

Find Your Ideal Client or Prospect
Train For Success

90 Day Platinum Personal Branding & PR Program

Whether you want to speak on virtual or live stages, start a YouTube channel or podcast, or be sought after as an expert in the media, gain all of the tools to easily become known as a leader in your industry and category.

This is an interactive program built for experienced entrepreneurs and executives that want to learn the art of personal branding and public relations.  

  • Semi-private sessions
  • Monthly activities and homework
  • Interactive one-on-one training and consulting
  • Get clear on your message and core brand values
  • Learn who to pitch and how to pitch the media
  • Strategies to get on top podcasts
  • Access to additional must-have marketing programs for small to medium-size businesses

Semi-Private ELITE Coaching For Owners & Personal Brands

As a business owner or personal brand that sells services or products, building a strong business requires not just having a great offer, but also aligning what you create or do to what clients want as outcomes. This flexible, semi-private coaching program is designed to help you with numerous aspects and facets of your business, from branding to ideal client identification, marketing strategy, sales strategy, media outreach, leadership positioning, and more.

We’ll start by creating a solid foundation with a personal brand voice and message that resonates with your target audience, effectively communicating your values, mission, and vision.

If you struggle with clear ideal client identification, we can work together with you to dive deep into their story and needs so that you can tailor your message exactly to what they need to hear.

What’s your USP? Do you even have one? If you feel like you’re blending into a sea of competitors, this program can help you find a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from the competition, making you your clients’ ideal choice as a partner or service provider.

Have you ever felt unclear about which social media channels you should be using? Learn how to leverage networks like LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter to reach your target audience, create engaging content, and build a strong online presence.

Packaging is also critical in today’s market! A well-packaged product or service offering that aligns with your brand message and unique value proposition will showcase your benefits and increase conversion. Learn how to put the right package together so that clients know you’re the best choice.

We all have them. The unicorn client, the dream client, the ‘whale’. It’s the one we loved working with in the past, that we’d love to work with again! Learn how to use sales data to identify your unicorn clients or customers, allowing you to better understand their behavior and preferences, and create an even stronger connection with them.

Online outreach is the modern way to reach your clientele and find projects. Discover how to effectively target your sales outreach efforts, identify the most lucrative market segments, create tailored messaging, and use social media and other channels to reach your ideal clients.

Are you ready to lead a team? Learn how to hone essential leadership skills like effective communication, building trust, and cultivating a growth mindset, empowering you to build a successful and sustainable business.

Throughout this 6-month coaching program, you’ll receive personalized attention and support to help you achieve these outcomes. 

By the end of our journey together, you’ll have developed a strong personal brand that sets you apart from the competition and positions you for long-term success. This program requires application approval, apply here for the next available container

Find Your Ideal Client or Prospect

Are You Just Getting Started?

If you’re just getting started with a new business or are in the process of pivoting from employee to entrepreneur, making the right moves can feel overwhelming.

These packages were made for individuals just starting who need a guide to help them learn the right path to take with their business or career.

Some of the problems we can help solve are:

Low Sales or Stagnant Revenue

If you’re having trouble generating sales or revenue either by poor marketing strategies, a lack of understanding of their target audience, or a weak product or service offering, our team can offer clarity and direction to set you on the path to success.

Operational or Sales Inefficiencies

New business owners and solopreneurs often struggle with operational and sales inefficiencies. Poor inventory management, inadequately trained sales, or out-of-date business processes can slow down progress and limit growth. If left for too long, these inefficiencies can affect sales as well as employee morale.

Our team can spot these issues and work with you to find reliable solutions.

Marketing and Branding Challenges

If you’re a highly skilled entrepreneur who struggles with marketing and branding, you’re not alone.

High-performing individuals from an engineering or technology background often have issues developing a compelling brand identity, creating effective marketing campaigns, effectively generating press, or reaching their target audience. Our team can take the place of an expensive marketing team to help create a streamlined approach to this necessary business facet.

Social Media for Business

To leverage Twitter, TikTok, or LinkedIn effectively for your business, business owners and professionals need to develop a clear social media strategy.

However, knowing how to post consistently, how to properly engage with their followers, how to respond to feedback, and how to sell in the DMs can be confusing and overwhelming. Work with a social media consultant to develop and execute an effective social media marketing plan that will help you not just gain followers, but grow a strong brand.

LinkedIn Profile Coaching

LinkedIn Personal Brand Coaching

Do you want to establish yourself as an authority or expert on the world’s top social media network for business deals and connections?

If your clients are corporate professionals, work-from-home ‘mom or dad-preneurs’, coaches, or consultants, chances are, they’re on LinkedIn. For over a decade, LinkedIn has driven over $100 million in leads and sales for us and our clients. Now is YOUR time to stand up and shine!

If you’re ready to increase your visibility, become seen and known as an expert, or build your personal brand through the world’s most powerful social network, this package is for you.

New Business Diagnostic Session

What is a Diagnostic Session?

A diagnostic session has a few primary purposes:

1. To establish what type of solution is needed by diagnosing the business problem

2. To uncover hidden value or profit opportunities, or eliminate a problem that’s standing in the way of profit

3. To determine if an activity, content framework, or element needs to be put in place before the next step

4. To chart a path forward toward a goal by recommending a plan or series of actions to help solve a business problem

Our Session Framework

This session is a 1-on-1 virtual meeting to deep dive into your business and examines the problems you’re facing to gain a shared understanding of what success looks like to you.

Unlike our other more comprehensive programs, this session will work on just one problem you’re experiencing in your business, giving you the fastest path to a solution.

As experienced business strategists, we’ll work with you to find the quickest, most effective, and lowest-risk way to solve the problem you are experiencing. Your actual needs and priorities will be revealed, giving you the best chance at getting the business results they want.

This session is ideal for a new business or startup about to make a major PR or media announcement, roll out a new product, or begin a comprehensive PPC advertising campaign, in order to spot process or content issues before they become a bigger problem.

Once completed, you’ll get a recap or report based on our findings.

Business strategies to increase profits and reduce ad spend