Consulting Program Advantages


Learn proven marketing strategies

Fast track your way to success

Avoid pitfalls and time-wasters


Get ready to create more impact

Achieve balance and profit

Obtain time freedom


Eliminate the guesswork

Scale with greater confidence

Implement proven strategies

Is Business Consulting Right For You?

With over two decades of experience developing winning business growth strategies and training product founders, service-based business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and industries, our team has turned startup founders and new business owners into successful, sought-after brands.

If you’re an action taker, a movement maker, or an entrepreneur that’s ready to roll up your sleeves and learn from the best, this premier, first-of-it’s-kind business coaching program is right for you.

Get ready to smash through roadblocks, get clarity, discover paths to time freedom and profit opportunities, and go from best-kept-secret to household name!

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Choose The Program That Best Fits Your Needs

Grow Your Business

VIP G.O.L.D. Business Breakthrough Session™ – $997

For Entrepreneurs, Executives and Coaches that Want to Transform into Excellence!

  • Get clarity to level up your game
  • Open doors to opportunities
  • Learn million–dollar business secrets
  • Discover your non-negotiables
  • and much more

Learn from a multi-million dollar sales and marketing coach Cassandra Rosen and level up with strategies and hacks that have scaled businesses and brands  from just getting started to multi-million and billion-dollar companies.

She’s seen the inside and out of what works to grow, build your tribe, attract customers, and get unstuck, and now she’s sharing those secrets with you.

LinkedIn Personal Brand Coaching – $997

Do you want to establish yourself as an authority or expert in your field? Are you ready for clients to recognize your value, and be automatically attracted to your message?

If your clients are corporate professionals, work-from-home ‘mom or dad-preneurs’, coaches, or consultants, chances are, they’re on LinkedIn. For over a decade, LinkedIn has driven over $100 million in leads and sales for us and our clients. Now is YOUR time to stand up and shine!

If you’re ready to increase your visibility, become seen and known as an expert, or build your personal brand through the world’s most powerful social network, this package is for you.

Find Your Ideal Client or Prospect
Business strategies to increase profits and reduce ad spend

Business Diagnostic Session  – $997

What is a Diagnostic Session?

A diagnostic session has a few primary purposes:

1. To establish what type of coaching, consulting, or solution is needed by diagnosing the business problem

2. To uncover hidden value or profit opportunities, or eliminate a problem that’s standing in the way of profit

3. To determine if an activity, content framework, or web element needs to be put in place before the next step

4. To chart a path forward toward a goal by recommending a plan or series of actions to help solve a business problem

Our Session Framework

This session is a 1-on-1 virtual meeting to deep dive into your business and examines the problems you’re facing to gain a shared understanding of what success looks like to you.

As experienced business strategists, the diagnostic session will allow us to chart a path forward and find the quickest, most effective, and lowest-risk way to solve the problem you are experiencing. Your actual needs and priorities will be revealed, giving you the best chance at getting the business results they want.

Diagnostic sessions should be run before beginning a public relations, advertising, or SEO campaign in order to spot sales or content funnel holes.

Once completed, you’ll get a recap or report based on our findings.

90 Day Platinum Personal Branding & PR Program

Whether you want to speak on virtual or live stages, start a YouTube channel or podcast, or be sought after as an expert in the media, gain all of the tools to easily become known as a leader in your industry and category.

This is an interactive program built for experienced entrepreneurs and executives that want to learn the art of personal branding and public relations.  

  • Semi-private sessions
  • Monthly activities and homework
  • Interactive one-on-one training and consulting
  • Get clear on your message and core brand values
  • Learn who to pitch and how to pitch the media
  • Strategies to get on top podcasts
  • Access to additional must-have marketing programs for small to medium-size businesses
Train For Success