Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream

Increase Awareness and a Fresh Business Model

Challenges:  Shortly after our team began a strategic process of boosting brand awareness for the ice cream, as well as their events, catering, and support for buyers like stadiums, concession, and theme parks, the United States went into lockdown with COVID-19. This halted all original plans, and called for an immediately implementable shift to help the brand survive the coming months.

Solutions:  Our team helped the brand to pivot from in person and event catering to online sales, assisting with UI and UX consulting and direction for the web development team.  A new direction was created for sales initiatives, to appeal to both businesses and consumers sheltered in place at home. Catering shifted from in person to shippable packages, including cocktail kits and virtual cooking demos for team building purposes. Our team also developed a streamline sales strategy for sponsored flavors and collaborations that shifted the ice cream from being simply a consumable product to a strong influencer brand, capable of reaching millions of consumers when combined with our earned media connections.

The FK team also advised on grocery retail strategies, as well as licensing and international partnership opportunities with other lifestyle products. Lastly, we assisted in new package design and content, as well as visual direction to clearly point to the ‘boozy’ factor that made the product unique.

Results: During 2020 and into 2021, our team reached billions of consumer views with the brand. Tipsy is now selling via Gopuff in multiple markets, has new store openings and popups in the US, new international locations, expanded online sales, as well as a full schedule of collaborations with brands like Dogfish Beer, Truly Hard Seltzer, Coors, Patron, Mumm Napa, and more.