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To get publicity and buzz for your restaurant, you need more than just a press release announcing that you’re open for business.

Like many segments of the food, beverage, and overall hospitality industry, getting publicity and buzz for even the best chef or restaurant has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. No longer can you simply write a press release or call a journalist, and expect positive coverage-or even coverage at all.

The scope of restaurant public relations has truly changed. Modern PR includes everything from damage control to investor relations, from launching a new seasonal menu to the public, to sharing chef stories and behind the scenes access that consumers and journalists demand.

Add to that social media. Social and mobile apps have created a new generation of marketing and media channels-each with its own unique readership and user base, and the quality of which varies drastically.

In today’s world, everyone is a reporter—from influential vloggers and bloggers, to Twitter users, Instagrammers, Pinterest pinners, Snapchat, Periscope, and more. Each of these new media channels has its benefits, but also a voracious appetite for breaking news, making it challenging to retain the attention of potential customers.

Did you know, it costs 5x more to get a new customer than to keep a current one coming back?

What is your customer retention plan?

Successful restaurant marketing means knowing what matters to potential customers, and having smart partners that can do more than just give advice, but grow your brand, create engagement, and balance the personality of the brand without being over promotional.

If you’re searching for a restaurant marketing agency, or public relations firm, be sure they understand how to balanced earned versus owned, and can advise on smart ad spend and marketing decisions.

Unlike television, radio, and print, social media advertising can provide deep insights into your customers, and create relationships that keep them coming back for more. Although engagement takes time, we’ve seen brand partners reach as high as 1000%-that 10x their current following-and all through proper social media advertising initiatives.

From steakhouse to sushi, 90+ point wine pairing dinners to sake and craft beer bars, our team has years of experience working with locally owned and national restaurants, as well as food and beverage brands, giving us deep insights into the best ways to market to your future customers, building loyalty and raving fans.

At FK, our team can help you launch a new restaurant concept, rebrand, or manage restaurant acquisitions by crafting the right message that connects with your audience, and encourages guests to share their experience with friends and family.

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