Law Firms and Legal Services

When it comes to marketing, many law firms steer clear of anything outside of traditional face-to-face network, due to ABA regulations and unfamiliarity with the proper way to reach potential customers through other methods.

Although all law firms must adhere to Bar mandated advertising guidelines, maintaining a professional image doesn’t mean avoiding the internet, or looking dated or out of touch as a business.

As a service based business, your expertise, your length of time in practice, and what you have to say is what distinguishing your firm from the competition down the street. Reputation is everything, but to truly differentiate yourself, brand and reputation must go hand in hand.

At FK, we’ve spent years marketing within regulated industries, and can offer insight and expertise to drive engagement and interest in your law firm.

From rebranding and brand identity changes when a named partner joins or leave the firm, to strategic decisions on social media and content marketing, our team partners with our clients to provide direction and strategy that resonates with their bottom line.

From traditional efforts like billboards, television commercials, and sponsorship placements, to new media – social media strategies and law firm Facebook pages, content marketing, white papers, professional law firm profiles, SEO and search engine optimization, and article writing, FK can create brand awareness, publicity, and increase recognition for your law firm’s partners and areas of expertise.

At FK, our job as a law firm marketing and branding agency is to ensure our client partners are trusted, positioned as experts, and create a brand message and identity that connects deeply with their clientele.  Distinguishing your law firm as the elite, progressive, and highly qualified firm of choice can mean the difference between landing that landmark case before your competitors down street.

We’ve worked with numerous professional businesses to highlight the people behind the firm, what makes them unique, and the most qualified for their clients’ concerns, as well as personal and professional needs.

Whether you’re looking for better ways to attract specific case types, an attractive, mobile responsive website, public relations, or an updated, modern brand identity package, FK can help your law firm achieve brand awareness in a highly competitive legal marketplace.

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