FK Interactive was established as the ideal resource for businesses and brands that want increase awareness and build market share.

Emerging and challenger brands know that to reach more customers than their competitors, they need to stand out as different early and often, and make more noise. That’s what we do, and our billions of brand views with top tier media and influencers speak volumes.

From to-market strategy development to national public relations, digital marketing and advertising, as well as direct-to-consumer communications, our team helps brands move up the buying cycle so they’re the ideal choice when customers are ready to buy.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“FK has helped us these three past years to plan and deliver exceptional marketing campaigns. We highly recommend the quality of their work and look forward to working on the next campaign with them.”

~  Gert-Jan van Arkel, Managing Director | Wine Forces | Tussock Jumper Wines

“There are many people with whom I work with…but Cassandra and FK Interactive exude a certain trust through the words they choose and the products that they represent. If anyone reading this needs more information, or would like to verify their talent, just contact me. I’m a big fan!”

~ Warren Bobrow, CEO Klaus Apothicaire, LLC. Cannabis Alchemist | 6x Award Winning Author


Product Broadcast Placements

“FK’s leadership and innovative thinking not only turn whatever they are working with into gold, but they excite and motivate the masses around them. Their experience allows them to solve a vast range of technical problems, and be highly effective at applying theory across a broad stroke of industries.”

~ VJ Kondur, CEO Fight Cancer Global

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with FK Interactive over the last few years, and highly recommend this agency for anything public relations or communications related.”

~ Executive Chef Jamie McFadden, Owner  Sandy Ridge Vineyards

“Kevin is the quintessential CEO: creative, analytical, forward thinking, and customer centric. Their team has a knack for forecasting ‘what’s next?’ and aligning business strategy recommendations with that shift. They also have the ability to understand the target customer and create campaigns that will resonate incredibly within that market.

Whether it’s a completely new technology, refining existing processes, or defining customer acquisition strategy for clients, FK’s focus is always on the highest quality deliverable possible. I have partnered and collaborated with their team on various design, mobile, and social media campaigns, and would consider Kevin one of the top 3 CEO’s I have ever worked with in my life.”

~ Robert Urban, CEO Paperboat


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