Building Relationships Through Social Media Marketing

Organically increase eyes on your business through social media marketing.

social media marketing

Wouldn’t you love to know that millions of people were looking at your brand or business, even while you sleep? Done right, social media marketing can provide you with lasting clients, including those who can potentially become brand ambassadors for your business, increasing invaluable publicity and positive word of mouth.

At FK Interactive, we provide insight, direction, and implementation on how to properly use the top social media sites to develop your businesses voice and reputation with the goal of generating a loyal fan base.


An effective social media strategy is generally only about 10-20% self promotion.

Let’s face it. Most brands think social engagement is tooting their own horn, and constantly plugging products and mentions. That’s the wrong approach, and consumers aren’t entertained by it.


An effective social media strategy should be focused on sharing news, educating, entertaining, and relationship building. Things like good morning shoutouts, #FollowFriday, and regular social chats can increase exposure by millions each week, build brand awareness, and open doors to sales opportunities. When you are helpful and provide value to your followers, they’ll choose you more often, even if your competition costs less.


Did you know that many CEO’s and decision makers are on Twitter?

What do you think is more effective-a cold call, or a pleasant tweet? When you assist someone you’re trying to get in touch with, share something they said (that you genuinely found to be of use), or ask for their advice, you make them feel like an expert-and a human being. Social media can level the playing field, even for the smallest person on your sales team.

Effective messaging in 140 characters or less is not easy. Done right, it can plant the seed of action, spur the spirit of helpfulness, increase story sharing, word of mouth, and viral reach.

Social media is also extremely important if you want your customer to choose you first. Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and others are rapidly taking over on search. The right team and the right strategy can get your brand in front of millions, providing targeted, effective campaigns that can help you reach your goals.


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