How To Grow Traffic To Your Website Through Proper SEO


Search engines are designed to sift through the noise and present the best results for their consumers, based upon the words they choose to search with.

What do these search engines want? Fresh, useful, non-spammy content that most appropriately fits what the user is looking for.

If your content is old, boring, or highly syndicated, Google is no longer your friend. Pages taking forever to load? You are likely getting penalized on search without even knowing it.

Paying the wrong company to link build can get you deranked in search. We call this the black hole of death, and it’s a long, tough climb to get your brand back out into the light.

SEO can also help to bury a topic if something goes a bit awry. If your brand happens to be similar to one that’s not so kosher, good stories and tactical keywording can push you up above bad buzz.

Our Approach

Search marketing has changed. What used to be acceptable-creating one story and spreading it everywhere-no longer gets you top placement. Consumers are getting savvy to traditional PPC ads, and being their first choice requires creativity that most businesses find it hard to keep up with.

Mobile search and social media have established themselves as a critical factor in search ranking and SEO strategy. Your Klout score, your activity on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook following-all of these components are not part of the search algorithm, and each brand or business must understand how to utilize them in the most effective manner possible.

How do you do that? You must be likeable, engaging, and focus on relationships, not simply spewing specials and announcements. When selecting a digital marketing agency, make sure to choose a team that understands how to make your brand search and people-friendly.

Our team has hands-on experience in multiple industries, including Education, Retail/eCommerce, Financial Services, Real Estate, Food, Wine and Spirits, as well as Hospitality and Travel.

Our highly skilled SEO experts not only know how to keep your hat ‘white’, they know how to succeed in building quality links and ranking. They have years of experience in making brands and businesses Google friendly, and can help you stand tall above your competition.

We Can Help Your Brand Get Found

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