Through unique storytelling, content syndication, social engagement, and strategic partnerships, we create campaigns that engage buyers, industry influencers, and consumer audiences.  

"We build communities and conversations around topics people care about."

The results: millions of impressions, warm sales leads, and the chance to be seen as a go-to resource in your space.

(Most of our clients opt for discretion regarding the services perform, however here are a few that felt comfortable sharing their experiences).

Campaign Achievements:

Grow Awareness For a Unique Spirit Brand:

Challenge:  Attract new distribution partners, grow into new markets, and raise awareness for new spicy anejo flavored tequila.

Solution:  Regional Partnership Program.  Provide marketing plan, distributor and sales training materials,  content strategy, recipe development campaigns, influencer outreach, sample program creation and management,  PR management, strategic event placements,  social media content strategy and implementation, liquid to lips management, incentive negotiations,  and facilitated brand partnerships with major hospitality retailers.


- Over 1 million page views

- 7500 social shares

- Over 100 placements on top tier media outlets

- Including Huffington Post and

- Expansion into 6 new markets.

"FK not only gave me marketing and PR help, but also efficiently guided my business strategies, and helped devise a path to attain realistic goals.  They either already had connections for anything I needed (glass suppliers, label printers, media, event placements) or would work to find the best possible suitors.  I've never worked with anyone who gave my brand the attention they did."

- David Weissman, Founder | DM Spirits


Launch Independent Spirit Portfolio

Challenge:  Client created and debuted new spirits portfolio with intentions to grow roots in the Las Vegas market.  Client is family run business with personal passion for spirits industry.

Solution:  Our team organized and implemented our Start Up Partnership Program, providing direction and resources to guide our client through the delicate structure of the 3 tier system, creating strategic campaigns to grab industry buyers attention.

The following solutions were created and implemented in order to achieve client goals under the Start Up Partnership Program:

-  Annual marketing strategy

-  Brand story development

-  Social media content/advertising campaigns

-  Cocktail photography

-  Corporate website

-  Annual public relations content calendar

-  Re-brand logo

-  Shopped 750 and mini bottle manufacturers

-  Created bottle artwork

-  Corporate and sub-contracted sales training manuals

-  Event training manuals

-  Bartender awareness campaigns

-  Industry event placement

-  Earned media placement

-  Seasonally inspired recipes and pairings

-  Award submissions

Results:  After development of brand story, training manuals, and implementation of social media growth strategy, client was picked up by the largest distributor in Nevada.  Award submissions and bartender partnerships assisted in 4 Gold metals awarded to both Vodka and Gin products, in addition to Triple Gold metal placement and finalist in WSWA Call for Cocktails competition (vodka).

A Valentine's Day social media campaign was structured partnering our client's vodka with one of the busiest restaurants in The Venetian Hotel.   The even resulted in the most popular cocktail of all time for the venue.  Following the promotion, client's spirit was repeat purchase placed behind the bar in well.

"We worked with them extensively for over a year and a half to build our Spirits brand. They know how to get out of the box on creative strategy, and were able to make a lot of noise, which is definitely not easy to do in Las Vegas. I think at some point Vegas Weekly called to say we were ‘taking over Vegas’-that was pretty amazing. My family really appreciated what FK was able to do for our portfolio, and the connections they provided.  They are extremely helpful on all fronts and I so appreciate them and their work." | Spirits Portfolio Manger


Grow Brand Awareness And Generate Impressions

Challenge:  Increase brand awareness for a national beverage retailer and select brands sold off-premise.

Solution:  A month long Influencer Campaign was created, promoting Super Bowl® inspired party ideas such as:  branded cocktail and food recipes, games, and other related entertaining and sports trivia themed stories.  This content was distributed through Crave Local, social media feeds, bloggers, and syndicated online publications, in order to spark conversation, and drive participant registration, leading up to a themed Twitter Party to conclude the campaign.

Results:  Build up to the chat generated roughly 10 million impressions on the day of the chat alone, with an additional 32 million impressions during the hour long hosted event.  Over seven sponsors raised providing over $450 in prize giveaways, ultimately leading to over 4,500 tweets, 500,000+ accounts reached, and over 42 million impressions generated through the hashtag. Total reach: over 55 million impressions, and a ton of brand association with the number 1 sports event for the year.

"Your team hit all of our annual PR goals in one hour." | Don Q Rum | Caliche Rum 


Increase Brand Awareness, Stimulate Consumer Conversation

Challenge:  Increase brand awareness for an internationally known US based winery, and select spirit brands under the umbrella of the largest spirits supplier in the world. Utilize PR placement at the Academy Awards® without increasing ad spend. Increase consumer association with the wine brand and the Oscars®/Red Carpet lifestyle. Deadline: less than 30 days from activation.

Solution:  A rapid digital strategy and social media Influencer Campaign was implemented, centered around movie themes, menu pairing ideas, and celebration tips for the Oscars®. was created, promoting Red Carpet inspired party planning, recipes, and more.  This content was distributed through Crave Local, social media feeds, bloggers, and syndicated online publications, including the BevMo! Times blog (#2 wine/spirits retailer in the USA), in order to spark conversation, and 'drive by' influencer engagement. Campaign concluded with an Oscars'® themed Twitter Party.

Results:  Approximately 130 persons RSVP'd to the event, but over 545 persons participated (drive by traffic), with an additional 200 consumers talking about-or directly to-the brand throughout the day.

Withing 5 minutes of the start of the Twitter Party, our hashtag was trending, beating out ABC's popular 'Shark Tank' show for views.  Three celebrity and Top Chef's made an appearance, increasing the 'red carpet/celebrity' appeal for the brand.

Peak media impressions tipped 80 million views, with standout influencers noted in New York, California, Florida, and Nevada markets.

Consumer engagement increased the wine brand's following/reach by 130%, and continued on into social media conversations for nearly two weeks surrounding the television event.  It was also noted that a large number of high end chefs and food/wine buyers had been voyeuring the conversation, and later positively discussed the brand/event with their peers.

"This was the most successful social branding campaign we've ever participated in! |  Winery/Supplier's corporate PR


Grow Distribution for a Local, Boutique Food Brand

Challenge:  To take a small, start-up food brand into national focus, and obtain distribution.

Solution:  FK Interactive team organized a Influencer Campaign, utilizing creative content and strategic social media accounts that would release seasonally inspired cocktail recipes and promote the brand across targeted industry professionals’ social media accounts.

Once content campaigns were live, our team then worked to secure key event placement with industry professionals using the garnish as a required ingredient in a bartender cocktail competition, hosted by our team, in collaboration with a newly formed chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild.

Creative recipe development and photography was then distributed on Crave Local, industry email newsletter feeds, distributor email lists, and social media accounts of other USBG members.

Result:  Within two weeks, the product was contacted and picked up for distribution by Southern Wine & Spirits, one of the largest beverage distributors in US. Product is now on the menu in a number of major hotel bars, and has achieved national recognition within their category.

"The event was a huge success!" | Lounge Attire Cocktail Cranberries

Raise Online Awareness for Niche Publication During Florida’s #1 Food and Wine Festival 

Challenge:  To rapidly introduce a new food and beverage publication to as many brands prior to the event as possible, and to stand out above 300,000 attendees over the weekend.

Solution:  A handful of social media influencers were tapped, supplied with a targeted message, and tasked to focus on a few target accounts.

Results:  Complete takeover of entire event social streams in less than an hour.  Over 4 million unique impressions were created in less than 3 hours.  Upon arrival at the event, no introduction was needed.

All exhibitors and sponsors knew the brand in advance, and were ready and eager to meet the team. Additional exposure was created as large, international brands shared news and mentions on social media. Over 50 million impressions were reached throughout the course of the 3 day event, leading to a large number of email sign ups, and great relationships created.

Introduce New Flavored Vodka Brand Entering the US Markets

Challenge:  Raise awareness in the most highly competitive and over saturated spirit categories in the US and make them stand out in a new market.

Solution:  Establish the brand as an elite choice for sophisticated drinkers and place it in the hands of social influencers and bloggers to raise brand awareness.  Our team negotiated key sponsorship placement at a national Mom blogger convention, providing samples and brand education during the event. Our team was invited to host the featured hotel's happy hour, reaching locals, other guests, and conference attendees.

Results: Our team generated over 500,000 impressions in three days, and over 900 influencers were given the chance to taste the product in person. Client obtained 35 targeted media/blog mentions, and over 800 twitter mentions.  End results were over half a million page views for the client in less than four days.  Awareness was raised in one of the most competitive cocktail markets in the country, thereby increasing local off premise sales (results supplied by distributor).

"This opportunity helped build awareness for us in new markets" | DragonBleu Vodka


Launch of a New Spirit Brand in a New Category

Challenge:  To help an importer launch a new brand, in a new category, and distinguish themselves against one of the most competitive spirit brands in the world.

Solution:  We leveraged current competition popularity by creatively relating the two brands together. Bloggers and social media influencers were provided with related information, and tasked to taste and choose.  Intentional brand comparisons were slipped into social media in and around launch party events, and a comparative message campaign was launched.

Results:  The brand’s own ambassadors went up in arms, making more noise than ever to proclaim that ‘New Brand A’ is NOT ‘Old Brand X’. Consumers got the message, and went running to the shelves. Our team raised awareness on the web and within blogosphere more than any other digital web partner. Our strategy is now in the importer's training manual on ‘how to launch a new brand or into new markets’.

"We are now using your techniques in our internal PR training course." | Sidney Frank Importing


Introduce New Unique Flavored Beverage Brand to US Markets

Challenge:  To raise brand awareness, seed the product into relevant seasonal recipes, and identify the right shopper demographic for the first ‘flavor’ to be launched from an iconic brand line.

Solution:  Two highly unique demographics were identified: white American male chefs (novice and professional), and African American females. The connection: barbecue!

Results:  Through leveraging Crave Local’s real estate, the new flavor was able to associate itself with an iconic American cuisine.  This secured search ranking on the first page of Google for four months following initial launch.  After time, the post still dominates for recipe search within the category, with stories getting shared and republished monthly.  Placement earned the brand thousands of dollars in media impressions, and created demand for additional flavor spin-offs.


Seafood Importer Looking To Test/Launch New Product

Challenge:  To determine if consumers and chefs would buy a new, live seafood product.  Client also needed to confirm survival through shipping to customers.

Solution:  Key bloggers/social influencers were brought on to participate in a seafood recipe and beverage pairing campaign. Hundreds said yes, only a few were chosen. Our team managed all creative seeding, communications between bloggers, food, and beverage brands, coordinated all shipments, and tracked feedback/responses from bloggers on product deliveries.

Results:  The brand dominated 1-3rd pages of Google for targeted keywords for 3 months.  This organic campaign increased client website traffic, attracting celebrity chef clients, buyers from seafood chains, and clients eager to put importers specialty products on their menus.

This campaign really helped us refine the way we market our brand | Aqua Best Seafood